Master Chemist Analytical Reagent Bundle

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WIM Scientific Laboratories, LLC specializes in providing freshly-prepared analytical reagent kits designed for effective substance identification. Our products stand out because they are not pre-stored in warehouses; instead, they are crafted with high-quality laboratory chemicals upon order to ensure maximum shelf life and reliability.

Our comprehensive reagent kit includes an array of 10 different testing solutions, each tailored for specific substance reactions, ensuring a broad spectrum of analysis. The lineup includes:

  • Marquis Reagent
  • Ehrlich Reagent
  • Scott Reagent
  • Mecke Reagent
  • Mandelin Reagent
  • Simon’s A Reagent
  • Simon’s B Reagent
  • Hofmann Reagent
  • Froehde Reagent
  • Liebermann Reagent

To augment the scope of testing, we also provide a Fent Test Strip, giving you an additional layer of substance analysis.

Please note that while reactions may indicate the presence or absence of certain substances, they do not guarantee the safety of using those substances. Always remember that substance consumption carries inherent risks.

When you choose WIM Scientific Laboratories, you receive a complete package that includes all you need for approximately 200 tests per bottle. Your order will be accompanied by guidance for safe usage and storage, digital access to comprehensive reaction charts, a reaction vial, a testing spoon, a child-resistant pill container, and complimentary promotional materials. Your privacy and security are paramount to us; thus, your order will be shipped discreetly, with encrypted and secure transaction details.

For any queries, issues, or assistance you might need, our customer support can be reached 24/7 with the contact information provided with your order.

We ensure prompt delivery, with same-day shipping on orders placed before 12 PM CST. Each order is equipped with free tracking information. Plus, enjoy the premium perk of Free 1-2 Day Priority Shipping on all Master Chemist Analytical Reagent Bundles – that’s a $40 value, completely free.

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5 reviews for Master Chemist Analytical Reagent Bundle

  1. George (verified owner)

    Love this bundle. Completely worth it. I feel safer with it available to me

  2. Collin Hardin (verified owner)

    Amazing, I wish I had seen this bundle before buying the Erlich and Marquis Reagent

  3. Nikki Brothers (verified owner)

    I was furious my package came a week late rather than the 2 day I had signed up for but after it actually making it to me I was very pleased with what I found inside. This product was of A+ quality compared to others I’ve used in previous years. Packaging was thick and also of great quality. Seals are tight, everything promised was included and charts were easily accessible and downloaded. My apologies for jumping the gun and I hope anyone looking for the real deal and A+ quality reads this cause THIS IS WHERE ITS AT!! tks for helping keep us safe out here -Nyc3 in the Bean

  4. E (verified owner)

    Definitely worth getting, much better deal than buying the reagents individually. Simple enough to use, I test a lot of people’s stuff as a favor and it’s easy to set up and test a variety of things.

    Felt the need to say this though, because a lot of people I talk to don’t seem to understand this: a positive test ONLY means that the substance IS PRESENT! NOT that it is 100% that substance! This is why running a variety of reagents on any given substance is critical, to see if any OTHER substances may also be in it. But if you just cross reference the results carefully, it’s usually pretty easy to tell what’s in something. Just don’t expect to find out percentages or anything. This gives you more information, which is extremely important, but it is not a definitive proof of anything. Good luck!

  5. roberto

    This was a solid investment in my health and peace of mind.

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